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Pass the Energy Please Part 4 – The Glycolytic System – How to Train

This is the fourth post in the “Pass the Energy Please” series. Go to our blog to read the others. This post follows on from the Glycolytic System post. Here we will be outlining what type of training you should do for this energy system. Following on from the Glycolytic System post we are aiming for the following:
  • To train our muscles to tolerate more before they start to fatigue...
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6 Mistakes Every Dragon Boater Makes

Whether you’ve just started in the world of paddling, we can guarantee that you are making paddling mistakes without even realising it. These mistakes are all easily made, but each one can seriously damage your performance. Here’s what to look out for, and how to avoid them. You’re too tense A relaxed paddler is an efficient paddler. Tensing up while you race leads to poor form, which...
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7 Lies Dragon Boaters Believe

When it comes to myths and lies surrounding a sport, nothing can come close to dragon boating. With so many self-professed experts and enthusiastic amateurs out there, some of the most widely accepted facts, tips and techniques are downright lies. Wise up and make sure you don’t fall for these seven lies that most dragon boaters believe. An expensive paddle will make me a better paddler Year...
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