Dragon Boat Balancing Program Data Sheet

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  1. I would like to have a look at your balancing program, we have used a home made one in the past which was ok .

    What we also entered into the same configuration was the individual power obtained with each paddler noting that balanced power was also an important factor when considering seat position, in particular for the 10 boat.

    Despite the “standard design”for both the 10 & 20 boats we find massive differences in the way the boats move thru the water which requires intuition as well to obtain speed.



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      Hi Gray, Thanks for your post. I am also finding a difference between the small boat (10s) and standard boat (20s). The small boat has way less run on it, and the Champion small boats feel less stable compared to the standard Champion boat. My balancing program records each paddler’s ergo results, calculates the power to weight ratio and then ranks them accordingly. Currently it doesn’t use the resulting power to weight results to prepare a power-balanced boat but it does display the left and right power for a weight-balanced boat. It is a little too tricky for me to include side preference, position preference, weight AND power into my algorithm. But one day ……

  2. Very interesting, I would like to have your sheet, and test it, but on which type of water, it works best?
    I means, on river, on a lake, in a sheltered Harbour..etc.



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      Hi Kwong, Thanks for your post. The balancing program works on all types of water (ocean, river, salt or fresh).

  3. Hi Gary this is very interesting and I would be grateful for any advice as to how I balance the boat. We are not a light crew but good paddlers and I want to get the best results we can.

  4. Hi would love to have a look at your spreadsheet

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