Program to balance your dragon boat

One of the most time consuming tasks for a coach is to manipulate a team list to produce a balanced boat whilst taking into account:

  1. The weights of the crew;
  2. The preferred paddling side of each crew member;
  3. Catering for injuries, experience or different paddling techniques;
  4. The preferred area in the boat for each crew member;
  5. A balanced power to weight ratio of the left and right sides of the boat;
  6. A balanced boat fore and aft; and
  7. A balanced boat port and starboard.

Dragon Analytics is currently building an online tool for our members to use that will make this task a breeze. Soon, as part of our testing, Dragon Analytics will take your data and produce a balanced boat at no cost to you.

What better opportunity to save yourself hours of work and help us to develop our program.

Stay tuned to this page for when we open up to take your team lists.

The Dragon Analytics Team

4 responses

  1. Can you tell me when the subscription service will be coming?

    • Mark Fogliani

      Hi Geoff
      The subscription service is being expanded before it is launched. Stay tuned.


  2. Hi
    Is this program available?

    • admin

      Hi Charlene

      It is currently being tested before being made available. Stay tuned.

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