• Power to Weight Ratio

    Power to Weight Ratio

    So your team have each recorded a distance on the ergo machine. But who is the best fit for the boat? The lightly built girl who pulled a…

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  • Dragon Boat Data Analysis with Suggested Exercises

    Dragon Boat Data Analysis with Suggested

    So you have used some of the technologies out there to capture your dragon boating data and want to get the most from it. How much more data…

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  • Dragon Boat Training Programs

    Dragon Boat Training Programs

    All dragon boating information provided on this site is rated on a scale from to 1 to 3. Level 1 is for participants who want to compete at…

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  • Excalibur Paddle data analysis

    Excalibur Paddle data analysis

    There areĀ  some powerfull technologies out there to help paddlers record data on their paddling stroke for analysis. For some, however, the data can be confusing or the…

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  • Program to balance your dragon boat

    Program to balance your dragon boat

    One of the most time consuming tasks for a coach is to manipulate a team list to produce a balanced boat whilst taking into account: The weights of…

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