Portfolio Category: Analyse boat data

Power to Weight Ratio

So your team have each recorded a distance on the ergo machine. But who is the best fit for the boat? The lightly built girl who pulled a respectable distance or the big guy who rolled out a monster distance? Dragon Analytics will take the ergo data for each member of your crew and mathematically adjust the data to give you the power to weight ratio of each...
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Program to balance your dragon boat

One of the most time consuming tasks for a coach is to manipulate a team list to produce a balanced boat whilst taking into account:
  1. The weights of the crew;
  2. The preferred paddling side of each crew member;
  3. Catering for injuries, experience or different paddling techniques;
  4. The preferred area in the boat for each crew member;
  5. A balanced power to weight ratio of the left and right sides of the boat;
  6. A balanced...
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