Portfolio Category: Analyse your data

Power to Weight Ratio

So your team have each recorded a distance on the ergo machine. But who is the best fit for the boat? The lightly built girl who pulled a respectable distance or the big guy who rolled out a monster distance? Dragon Analytics will take the ergo data for each member of your crew and mathematically adjust the data to give you the power to weight ratio of each...
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Dragon Boat Data Analysis with Suggested Exercises

So you have used some of the technologies out there to capture your dragon boating data and want to get the most from it. How much more data is buried beneath the obvious layers of time, distance, stroke rate, etc.? How do you fix a poor catch? Or a short stroke? Or a low stroke efficiency? How efficient is your race start? Send your dragon boating and/or paddle data to...
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Excalibur Paddle data analysis

There areĀ  some powerfull technologies out there to help paddlers record data on their paddling stroke for analysis. For some, however, the data can be confusing or the information gleaned from it superficial. Dragon Analytics offers to analyse the paddle data for our members and produce a report of ALL the information contained. You will be surprised to see what can be deduced from this data. Stay tuned to this...
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Program to balance your dragon boat

One of the most time consuming tasks for a coach is to manipulate a team list to produce a balanced boat whilst taking into account:
  1. The weights of the crew;
  2. The preferred paddling side of each crew member;
  3. Catering for injuries, experience or different paddling techniques;
  4. The preferred area in the boat for each crew member;
  5. A balanced power to weight ratio of the left and right sides of the boat;
  6. A balanced...
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