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How Fast Can a Dragon Boat Go?

Figure 1: Dragon Boats exceeding hull speed. Image supplied: http://www.ottawadentalcare.com/2016/05/ Is there a maximum speed for a dragon boat? Has it anything to do with “hull speed”? Can we answer those questions of whether a 10 paddler boat should be faster than a 20 paddler boat? You would think that some clever person should be able to work out how fast their particular crew should be able...
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Fueling up for a Regatta

Featured image supplied by HoneyPedia So you have an upcoming Regatta and you want to know if your diet leading up to race day can affect your performance? And if so, what, how much and when should you eat to get the most out of your body on the day? We all know that for professional athletes, their diet is integral to their lifestyle. But...
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Effect of Crew Movement on Dragon Boat Speed

  In rowing, the mass of the crew is much more than the mass of the shell. Therefore, any movements by the crew affects the momentum of the boat. Because of this, much research has been done to minimize the detrimental momentum changes and maximize the positive momentum changes caused by body movement. Dragon boating has the same situation, with some fundamental differences.
  1. A dragon boat crew has up...
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Pass the Energy Please Part 6 – The Oxidative System. How to Train It.

Aerobic Base Training: Get Faster by Going Slower This is the last post in the Pass the Energy Please series. It contains tips on how to prepare your aerobic energy system for dragon boating. If you have read the preceding posts in this series you will know that some anaerobic training can be catered for with high intensity interval training (HIIT) – go extremely hard in short bursts (“bust a...
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