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How to Strengthen Your Shoulders and Look Great

The previous post in this series, “Why You Need To Strengthen Your Shoulders”, described the role of the rotor cuff and other muscles in the stabilisation of your shoulder. This post will outline some of the exercises you can do to strengthen these muscles so that you have a long paddling career with minimum injuries. Firstly, here is a reminder of the muscles we are aiming to work on. Read more

Why You Need To Strengthen Your Shoulders

Sore Shoulders? There are a myriad of reasons why your shoulder hurts--from poor paddle technique and posture, over-training, unilateral (one-sided) paddling, long paddles (longer paddles = more load forcing upon the shoulder), etc. However, working the back shoulder muscles and stabilizers that hold the scapula rotator cuff tearin the correct position will be the keys to avoiding problems like shoulder...
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Pass the Energy Please Part 4 – The Glycolytic System – How to Train

This is the fourth post in the “Pass the Energy Please” series. Go to our blog to read the others. This post follows on from the Glycolytic System post. Here we will be outlining what type of training you should do for this energy system. Following on from the Glycolytic System post we are aiming for the following:
  • To train our muscles to tolerate more before they start to fatigue...
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