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Sit Up and Take Note

Can simply sitting up during your stroke make the boat go faster? All dragon boat paddlers know that when there is movement in the boat, there is an effect on the boat. Sometimes this movement can be used for good. Sometimes for evil. Rowers, with their sliding seat, experience an effect on the boat due to their body movement as they slide forwards and backwards through the stroke. A previous,...
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In dragon boating, is “timing” the same as “synchrony”?

Synchrony: a state in which things happen, move, or exist at the same time Timing: the control of the speed of a stroke, blow, etc., in order that it may reach its maximum at the proper moment. So what is it that we want in a dragon boat? Timing? Synchrony? Both? How many training sessions have there been where your coach has yelled out “Timing!!!”? What was he or she...
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