Dragon Analytics was created in response to requests for accurate and relevant information for the sport of dragon boating.

When Mark Fogliani entered the dragon boating scene he treated it like all the other sports he had participated in. He wanted to be the best he could be.

However, whilst trying to research techniques, training programs and other related information, he found that the information out there was spread out, too hard to understand or inaccurate.

So Dragon Analytics was born. Using a network of interdisciplinary experts undertook to filter relevant information and present it in a reader friendly format.

Dragon Analytics will provide access to training programs and drills for all levels and a data analytics service using your paddling data to produce meaningful reports and suggestions for improvement.

Dragon Analytics will be the hub for this information allowing dragon boaters to take themselves, their club and their sport to the next level.

Our aim is to make you the best dragon boat coach or the best dragon boat paddler you can be.

Why Choose Us

Dragon Analytics will provide accurate information.

We have gathered together experts in each field and asked them to apply their knowledge to the specific sport of dragon boating. This way the information is relevant, recent and targeted to your needs as a dragon boater.

Dragon Analytics have a unique set of tools.

Training a dragon boat team requires a unique skill-set. We are attempting to provide the required skills through articles and a set of tools that we have compiled. These tools range from a program to automatically produce a balanced dragon boat, a service to analyse your paddling data through to training programs for all types of clubs from supreme athletes to social.

Bring the good stuff to one place.

There is a lot of useful information out there (as well as a lot of rumour and opinions). We believe this information needs to be scrutinised for accuracy, filtered for relevance and provided to you. The Dragon Analytics team will undertake this task and be this focal point.

Our Contributors

Mark FoglianiSandra TsalisIndra Lawton