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Dragon Analytics - Keep your friends close

Keep Your Friends Close And Your Paddle Closer

Your Coach may ask you to keep your paddle close to the boat during the power phase. Why, may you ask. I am going to...

Top 5 Paddling Technique Errors and How to Fix Them

Our tool for propulsion in a dragon boat is our paddle. It is a simple piece of technology which if used correctly, can help...

Sit Up and Take Note

Can simply sitting up during your stroke make the boat go faster? All dragon boat paddlers know that when there is movement in the boat,...

Dragon Boating – Easy to learn, difficult to master

Games should be easy to learn and difficult to master. They reward the first quarter and the hundredth. -Nolan Bushnell This design philosophy has historically and...

Efficient Dragon Boat Paddling Technique (Part 2)

So, you have read Part 1 of Efficient Dragon Boat Paddling? What more can we add? You will discover from my blogs that I am a...

Efficient Dragon Boat Paddling Technique (Part 1)

Does the following story sound familiar to you? You turn up at your first dragon boating session. Someone looks you up and down and says...

In dragon boating, is “timing” the same as “synchrony”?

Synchrony: a state in which things happen, move, or exist at the same time Timing: the control of the speed of a stroke, blow, etc.,...
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Think Dragon Boating is Easy? There’s a Catch!

The Catch One of the most important phases of a good dragon boat stroke is the catch and it is one of the most difficult...
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Become a Better Dragon Boat Paddler in One Day – Find the Kinematic Sequence

Have you ever wondered how top golfers can hit the ball so far, so effortlessly? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGnYLXlfjbU Have you ever wondered how a baseball pitcher can throw...
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Effect of Crew Movement on Dragon Boat Speed

In rowing, the mass of the crew is much more than the mass of the shell. Therefore, any movements by the crew affects the...