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Design Your Own Strength Training Program

Design Your Own Dragon Boat Strength Training Program

In a previous post (The Role of Strength Training in Dragon Boating) we established the significance of strength training in the context of dragon...

That’s What She S.A.I.D. How to be a Better Paddler

The acronym S.A.I.D. means, Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. Essentially, when the body is exposed to a particular type of exercise or movement (stressor),...

Training, Recovery and Supercompensation

Introduction You might be surprised to hear that training itself doesn't make you fitter – it's the recovery period afterward that truly matters. In this...

Why Our Muscles Get Tired When We Exercise

During strenuous exercise our muscles get tired. Sometimes to the point where they just stop working. We are not puffing and panting – it...

Understand and Train Your Energy Systems

In past posts we have discussed the energy systems that we use. In this post we are going to cover these same energy systems...

Should You Hanker for an Anchor?

This post will cover a very useful accessory that every dragon boat coach should have at their disposal. It is usually (mistakenly) called a...
Muscle Recovery

Muscle Recovery for the Dragon Boater

Special Note: Recovery is one of the most dynamic and evolving areas in Sports Science. New discoveries and studies are coming out every day....
Dragon Analytics - ballistic gorilla press up

Exercises for Dragon Boaters at Home

Sometimes we cannot get out to dragon boat training due to circumstances such as weather or as at the time of writing this post:...

Dragon Boating – Easy to learn, difficult to master

Games should be easy to learn and difficult to master. They reward the first quarter and the hundredth. -Nolan Bushnell This design philosophy has historically and...
Dragon Analytics - Do what you can

Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are

My mouse stopped working the other day. No big deal. Right? But I spend at least 4 hours a day typing and clicking. Whether it’s...