Yearly Archives: 2016

Fueling up for a Regatta

Featured image supplied by HoneyPedia So you have an upcoming Regatta and you want to know if your diet leading up to race day can affect your performance? And if so, what, how much and when should you eat to get the most out of your body on the day? We all know that for professional athletes, their diet is integral to their lifestyle. But...
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Become a Better Dragon Boat Paddler in One Day – Find the Kinematic Sequence

Have you ever wondered how top golfers can hit the ball so far, so effortlessly? Have you ever wondered how a baseball pitcher can throw such a fast ball? Have you ever wondered how a discus thrower can throw so far? Have you ever wondered how some Aussie Rules footballers can kick the ball over massive distances? Look very closely at the body movements in...
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