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In dragon boating, is “timing” the same as “synchrony”?

Synchrony: a state in which things happen, move, or exist at the same time Timing: the control of the speed of a stroke, blow, etc., in order that it may reach its maximum at the proper moment. So what is it that we want in a dragon boat? Timing? Synchrony? Both? How many training sessions have there been where your coach has yelled out “Timing!!!”? What was he or she...
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So this is Dragon Boating?

So what is this dragon boating all about? When looking to get into Dragon boating, you will be told by the experienced dragon boaters that it is a sport that is easy to learn, easy to do and easy on the wallet. And this is true - ish. Dragon boat club memberships cost a lot less than the average gym membership. The boat and a paddle are usually supplied by...
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Become a Better Dragon Boat Paddler in One Day – Find the Kinematic Sequence

Have you ever wondered how top golfers can hit the ball so far, so effortlessly? Have you ever wondered how a baseball pitcher can throw such a fast ball? Have you ever wondered how a discus thrower can throw so far? Have you ever wondered how some Aussie Rules footballers can kick the ball over massive distances? Look very closely at the body movements in...
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