This is W.A.R. – How Much Power Do You Create in the Boat

Wins Above Replacement Provided by SIS


How much power do you create? In the realm of dragon boating, where teamwork reigns supreme, the concept of “Wins Above Replacement” (WAR) has piqued our interest. Imagine a single number that gauges a paddler’s overall contribution to the team, just like in baseball. A single number that gauges how much power a paddler creates relative to other paddlers in the crew.

As dragon boat enthusiasts, we often find ourselves pondering the age-old question: how do we measure our prowess in the boat?

Is there a scientific approach to determine who stands out, who’s pulling their weight, and who might need a little extra push?

Individual paddling in an OC1 or on an ergo may give some clues as to where one sits in the crew hierarchy as far as impact on the overall crew’s performance goes. But the real contribution in the actual boat is more than just raw power. It is a combination of your weight, power, technique, timing, paddle stiffness and probably other variables.

Could such a measurement tool revolutionize how a coach selects their team for dragon boat races? In this post we will embark on a journey to explore this fascinating concept and tailor it to the world of dragon boating.

Understanding ‘Wins Above Replacement’ in Baseball

Before delving into the dragon boat version of WAR, let’s grasp the essence of this metric in baseball.

“Wins Above Replacement” is a statistical measure that encapsulates a player’s impact on their team’s success.

Figure 2: Sample Wins Above Replacement provided by Hanshin Tigers English News

It seamlessly weaves together offensive, defensive, and pitching performances into a single numerical value, answering the critical question: How many more wins (or fewer) would the team experience if this player were swapped with a league-average counterpart? This advanced metric offers a holistic perspective beyond traditional stats like batting average or ERA.

Navigating the Waters: Speed vs. Power in the Dragon Boat

Now, let’s shift our focus to the dragon boat realm. Can we quantify a paddler’s impact on a crew with the same precision?

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