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Exercises for Dragon Boaters at Home

Dragon Analytics - ballistic gorilla press up

Sometimes we cannot get out to dragon boat training due to circumstances such as weather or as at the time of writing this post: coronavirus. So rather than lose some of that fitness you have tried so hard to get, I thought I would outline a short (15 minute), exercise routine.

This is for those that do not have a mini gym at home, but what it will do is provide a foundation of exercises that will get your heart rate up and which you can do on the floor, on the lawn with no props.

This sequence could also be a solid warmup routine for when you can get back to paddling.

The 5 exercises are:

  1. Dying Insect
  2. Chest Push-up
  3. Burpees
  4. Chest Taps
  5. Russian Twist

In short you do each exercise within a minute and if you finish early, you use the rest of the time to recover. Then repeat the sequence two more times. There’s your 15 minutes.

16 reps of Dying Insect in a minute

10 reps of Chest Pushups to ground in a minute


5 reps of Burpees in a minute


20 reps of Chest taps in a minute

20 reps of Russian Twist in a minute




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