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Monday, June 21, 2021
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Pass the Energy Please Part 5 – The Oxidative System. Long duration, Low power

Now that we have covered the ATP-PC and Glycolytic systems, we will discuss the Oxidative System. Long duration, Low power. This is the fifth post...
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7 Lies Dragon Boaters Believe

When it comes to myths and lies surrounding a sport, nothing can come close to dragon boating. With so many self-professed experts and enthusiastic...

10 Ways An Ergo Helps A Dragon Boat Paddler And One Way It Doesn’t?

The Ergo (or Erg) A piece of machinery that attempts to mimic the forces of paddling.Used by many clubs in the northern hemisphere for training...
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Why You Need To Strengthen Your Shoulders

Sore Shoulders? There are a myriad of reasons why your shoulder hurts--from poor paddle technique and posture, over-training, unilateral (one-sided) paddling, long paddles (longer paddles...

Dragon Boating – Easy to learn, difficult to master

Games should be easy to learn and difficult to master. They reward the first quarter and the hundredth. -Nolan Bushnell This design philosophy has historically and...


So You Want Big Muscles? Well here’s a bit of news for you…your muscle growth begins when your workout stops. Push your reps to failure...

Are You Ready for Change?

Change. That word. That scary word that drives some of us to build a fort with couch cushions and hide there forever. But is it...
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Pass the Energy Please Part 4 – The Glycolytic System – How to Train

This is the fourth post in the “Pass the Energy Please” series. Go to our blog to read the others. This post follows on from...

Should You Hanker for an Anchor?

This post will cover a very useful accessory that every dragon boat coach should have at their disposal. It is usually (mistakenly) called a...

Why Our Muscles Get Tired When We Exercise

During strenuous exercise our muscles get tired. Sometimes to the point where they just stop working. We are not puffing and panting – it...