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Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Why You Need To Strengthen Your Shoulders

Sore Shoulders? There are a myriad of reasons why your shoulder hurts--from poor paddle technique and posture, over-training, unilateral (one-sided) paddling, long paddles (longer paddles...
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Pass the Energy Please Part 4 – The Glycolytic System – How to Train

This is the fourth post in the “Pass the Energy Please” series. Go to our blog to read the others. This post follows on from...

Pass the Energy Please Part 3 – The Glycolytic System. Short duration, Moderate power

This is the third post in the “Pass the Energy Please” series. Go to our blog to read the others. Remember the graph from the...

6 Mistakes Every Dragon Boater Makes

Whether you’ve just started in the world of paddling, we can guarantee that you are making paddling mistakes without even realising it. These mistakes...
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7 Lies Dragon Boaters Believe

When it comes to myths and lies surrounding a sport, nothing can come close to dragon boating. With so many self-professed experts and enthusiastic...


So You Want Big Muscles? Well here’s a bit of news for you…your muscle growth begins when your workout stops. Push your reps to failure...

Pass the Energy Please Part 2 – The ATP-PC Energy System

Our first “Pass the Energy Please” post introduced ATP as the fuel for our muscles and the three energy systems in our body that...
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Pass the Energy Please Part 1 – The 3 Energy Systems

Did you know that your body draws on three energy systems when you undertake physical exercise? Do the words aerobic, anaerobic, and immediate energy...